Bible Class Visual Aids

Bible Class Visual Aids is part of Kids Crafts Bible Hands – This post has assorted Bible Class Visuals I have made, or purchased and used for various Bible lessons I saw this at the Teacher’s Bible Class Workshop, but didn’t get a picture of it I didn’t spend a lot time making it perfect, since I might not ever use it But, it is a great idea if you teach Old Testament Genesis 191226 is Lot’s wife being turned into a pillar of salt for looking back This is a Mrs Butterworth’s container I (my husband) sawed off the top and I rubbed sandpaper over it to make it tacky I used ‘Pottery Plaster’ from Hobby Lobby and covered her all over Once it dried, I spread my Aleene’s Tacky Glue all over and poured on the salt You can plug the hole on top and finish it with the plaster, or you can use fabric to make a headpiece to cover the hole This Daniel in the Lion’s Den was made by my husband It is about 24×24, 12 along the back We sprayed painted the inside with that sand spray so it has texture The sides and back come out of the slotted edges to store better for me The back is about 12 inches tall The lions were at Target Dollar Spot (Yah! Always look, you never know what you will find!) The kids LOVE this! let them touch, move the lions around, what is the point if they can’t enjoy it Here is the Daniel lesson The preschool lesson is here You can see more visuals from VBS here Gideon Judges 7825 Our class also used these horns for Joshua and the Battle of Jericho I set up a BUNCH of boxes in the parking lot, we marched around the ‘city’ quietly 6 times, then marched and blew the horns around the ‘city’ 7 times and shouted loudly, and knocked all the boxes city down! They REALLY loved that Bible lesson, and kept wanting to Let’s do it again! (Joshua 6121) (I bought the horns from Oriental Trading a long time ago, the pitcher is now in the tent in the room ) Obviously, Joshua and Caleb with their huge clusters of grapes from the land of Canaan (Numbers 13) I like to seat the kids in a giant rectangle with tables in the middle We can push stuff out of the way, and I put the visual aids right in the center where everyone can see them My class is too large now (that is a great problem) so I put the visuals on a table in front, behind me They are standing on a block of wood with felt on top of it Added note For the Bible men in my displays, I use Ken (Barbie) dolls I have painted their hair and painted beards on them with cheap craft paint and wrapped fabric around them for Bible clothes If you go to garage sales, be sure to look for them there Also, older G I Joes, they are the 12 ones I have (once in a while) found generic 12 male dolls cheaper This is my boat my husband made for me You will see it in several Paul displays For Jonah, I found this fish at Dollar Tree (They still have them) and a smaller man I wrapped some cloth around Jonah, and there he is being swallowed up by the Great Fish created by God The Bible doesn’t say a whale Jonah 117 We know God can do anything, and He CREATED a fish just for Jonah Next is a bulletin board that went with this Bible lesson There is a lot of information, visuals, song, etc on this Jonah post here with another Jonah lesson here You can find a preschool lesson on Jonah here  My husband also made Noah’s Ark for me It is really close to scale If you look at the top of the ark, there is a train car That is for the kids to be able to possibly comprehend the size One door, one window Genesis 616 The trees and animals are also pretty close to scale Added notes for this The train car, the trees and the animals are N Scale train pieces Hobby Lobby carries them or your local hobby store that carries train supplies Also, look for N Scale on Ebay or Amazon I just used green felt for the ‘grass’ and moss to add the extra texture You can find the moss at Dollar Tree (or where you shop) in the floral department Solomon These (boy) babies are at Dollar Tree We acted out this lesson, the boys love the swords, and now is the time to get them with the Halloween costumes at the store Solomon is here You can see the preschool lesson here The Tree of Life with the flaming sword It has FRUIT on the tree Genesis 36 Moses tells us that Eve ate the fruit, it doesn’t say apple Another use for those costume swords! You can find more here You can see more for Cain & Abel here If you have the last edition of Ideashop from Gospel Advocate, you will see this train The train cars have different lessons from Genesis labeled on the fronts and inside are laminated papers with a question, a picture, then at the bottom, a lifttheflap answer I usually used them for review You will see this same train in the Acts bulletin boards, with more info on how I use it (See next paragraph) Here is the same train and it is used for the book of Acts You can find more information and howto for the train here

We hope this pictures will give you some good ideas for your project, You can see another items of this gallery. Books of the Bible Hand Motions Guide, 12 Scriptures Every Mom Needs to Circle in Her Bible.