Easy and Colorful Sheet Music Art

Easy and Colorful Sheet Music Art is part of Kids Crafts Activities Student – Do your children enjoy listening to music Well, great! Here’s an easy way to combine music and art into an easy and colorful activity! My boys loooooove holding dance parties at home While listening to one of their favorite songs (on repeat oh boy, do we love Moana, Trolls, and 80s music), I thought of trying out this fun activity Tada! Today we’re making sheet music art! Make Sheet Music Art with Kids Want to make some Sheet Music Art with your kids too Ok! All you have to do is print out the first page of a favorite song Then, pull out your crayons and markers Then, play your favorite music As you listen to it, draw! Depending on long the song is, you might have to play it a couple of times to really get into the creative groover (We played our songs 3x each ) That’s it! I did this activity jointly with my eldest While we listened to the music we talked about how the music made us feel what words seemed to pop out at us what we imagined while listening to the music As we talked about those things, we drew out our ideas and feelings The resulting sheet music was decorated with all sorts of symbols, shapes, images, and colors This was such a neat way to connect with my eldest AND talk about music in an easy and accessible way I hope you have fun trying this idea out with your kids too! Happy making, friends!

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